International Women’s Day : Not the only day to celebrate Her

I've seen many people who throw tantrums, who misbehave, who disregard the existence of a woman but, celebrate International Women's Day as this is going to change their impression of demons to gentlemen, unknown of how it feels for a woman to take the negativity as the limit. She has no limit. Sky is her... Continue Reading →

Positivity : The best way to Peace

Not just for today but, from generations we have been told to "stay positive." It isn't baseless anyway. However, the benefits of positivity have been mentioned by many sages, psychologists, researchers and doctors but, by now, the benefits of positivity are well defined. Most of the time we keep ignoring the fact that being happy... Continue Reading →

The outdated fashion of oldies

I woke up today listening - "Wo ladki nahi zindagi hai meri." The effect these oldies create on the inner self of one is not just adorable but, charming too. For few, oldies are outdated. Is it so? I think not. I don't want to think actually. Maybe the love seems to be outdated. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Healed but Visible Scar

I drowned And found there was nothing missing. But, a thing about the healed scar revealed the mystery. The love of poetry is blooming and so is the mystery.

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